When warming up a new email IP address or domain, it’s important to gradually increase the number of recipients over time with a proper warmup. When you’re ready to send to your larger list, it’s still a good idea to segment it into smaller batches and stagger the sending over time. Here’s one way to do it in ClickFunnels.

Creating The Stagger Groups

Decide on your stagger group size. For a recent welcome email I selected a group of 50. Go to your Contacts list and select a group size by utilizing the Items Per Page control at the bottom of the screen.

Next check the boxes of all of the contacts on that page. Scroll up to the top and select “Add Tags”.

On the next screen, create a new tag. Since you’ll be creating many, choose something with a numeric suffix on the end. You’ll use the tag name when creating the broadcast emails later.

Staggering The Broadcast Emails

Now that the groups have been created, it’s time to put them to use!

Create your broadcast email as you normally would. On the screen where you select your list, add a rule to filter the lists by our newly created tag. Create the rule by selecting Contact on the bottom row, then selecting Has Tag, is equal to and your tag name in the last text box. In my case it’s ‘stagger-group-1’.

When you click Next the filter is applied. To double check, go back to the filter page and inspect the “TO SEND COUNT”. It should be reduced by the amount of your stagger group size we defined earlier, but will differ depending on which lists you are currently broadcasting to.

Double check your send count as you progress. I’ve found that the ClickFunnels UI doesn’t always show an accurate number, which can cause panic! Before you send, just go back to the first step and double check your send count. Usually when you page back through the rest of the steps the send count will be accurate.

Happy sending!